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Why No Duplicate, Like the last “rule”. This is more of a guideline, really, since once I explain what I mean I’m going to proceed to give you a perfectly good instance of when this isn’t true and you can use duplicate content. Duplicate content is when you have the exact same text as another website. Whether you’re using an article that someone else wrote. Or trying to create a bunch of websites that all sell the same product. Just using different domain names. It’s the same problem. Google will eventually index all of those websites. Word for word. And Google is smart enough to identify the same recurring patterns in text.

Why No Duplicate pulling in one more articles,

Why No Duplicate, Now, go back to what I said a moment ago about how Google wants to create a better set of search results for Google users. Assuming that’s true.  If a Google user performs a search. And Middle East Mobile Number List the first page is dominated by the same company. Offering the same product. Who just happens to have ten different websites. How is that good for the user? People want choices. Hnd Google knows that. So, if Google finds a business operating that kind of scheme. The duplicate sites will not be listed, and the business risks getting ALL of its websites blacklisted. I was speaking with a business owner the other day and most of our conversation. 

Why did you choose these articles?

Revolved around him talking about how evil Google is. He literally said that: Google is evil. He then used Argentina mobile phone number database this issue as his example, that a business can exploit the  system to get ten listings on the first page of a search result using ten websites that are virtually the same. He’s certainly welcome to his opinion, but in my view, it’s not Google’s fault that some people want to look for ways to exploit systems. Instead, Google should be praised for continuously working to improve their service (that’s free to use) and to eliminate potential exploitive behavior. So, when is it OK to use duplicate content? When you’re curating content .


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