If SEO is successful

If you want to attract users without doing any SEO, you will need to run listing ads. However, in order to maintain a continuous flow of users through advertising, you must continue to pay for advertising. The basics of SEO are to predict the keywords that the users you want to deliver the unique content you have created are likely to search for, and to link the keywords and content to convey it to search engines. Basic SEO measures can be carried out at almost no cost (content production costs, etc. will be incurred). Also, unlike advertising, clicks on search results do not cost anything, so if SEO is successful, it can be said to be a cost-effective measure.

SEO measures not producing results

Have many benefits , but because ranking changes occur due to algorithms, it is not guaranteed that you will see results. The Google algorithm is Phone Number List updated on a daily basis. Large-scale updates are carried out on a regular basis. It is not completely clear what criteria are used to evaluate websites, so it is difficult to fully understand the algorithm. It is impossible to do reliable SEO. One thing is certain: user-first content will be appreciated . What search engines look for in SEO for each website is whether the website provides useful information for users and is easy for users to use. Here, from a user-first perspective, let’s list the main reasons why SEO, which many websites tend to do, is not effective.

The amount of information is less

If a site provides more detailed or original information than your own site, your ranking Afghanistan Phone Number will drop. The Google search engine uses robots called ” crawlers ” to roam the Internet. Crawlers are responsible for reading the information posted on each website, understanding the content, and determining search rankings. Therefore, content that covers more of what users want to know will be evaluated favorably. However, it is not enough to just add information blindly, so be sure to properly include the information that users who are searching for the content want.


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