The perfect product sheet to sell online

A product technical sheet is the way to present the products and/or services to the public of an online store to achieve the best results, both in positioning and sales conversion. A product sheet presents all the characteristics of the product, the conditions and availability of the purchase. The objective of making a technical sheet for a product is for the user to know in detail what he is going to obtain, and under what purchase conditions. It is really important that this technical sheet conveys enough confidence and provides you with the necessary information to dare to take the final step of making the purchase. If all the steps prior to reaching the product sheet work and manage to capture the customer’s attention, but this page does not provide the necessary information and generates some type of suspicion in the customer, we will end up losing the sale. We approach this series of tips starting from an example of a product’s technical sheet, so that you can see everything in detail. 

What is a product technical sheet

Product or service title An original and descriptive title can help you a lot when it comes to positioning yourself against the competition and capturing the attention Buy Cell Phone Number List   of your customers. But be careful and remember that the title must be realistic and reflect what is being sold. We will start by talking about our example. As we can see, in the case the first thing we find about our product is its title. It is a short, specific name that makes very clear the type of product we are referring to. In this way, you will also be contributing positively to the organic positioning of your ecommerce. To manage all the products in your online store efficiently and quickly. We recommend working with an Excel file from your administration. However, it is one of the main factors that can drive a purchase or, on the contrary, throw a sale overboard. Do you have any discounts to offer? Indicate it here, convince your clients that it is the best time to buy or hire your services.

How to make a perfect technical sheet for a product and/or service

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 Sales periods can help you boost your online sales. Some stores even create special weeks where they offer unique discounts and pricing on their products. Again, starting Afghanistan mobile phone number database from our example we see how the product clearly shows the price. At a size slightly larger than the rest of the descriptive elements on the product sheet. Something that we can “play” with and that can mean a before and after is the price of shipping costs . It has been proven that customers can abandon an entire purchase if the shipping cost seems excessive. We are talking about losing purchases of €70-80 for just €5-6 shipping costs. That is why whenever possible we recommend free shipping or at a reduced price. Another alternative is to offer free shipping costs for orders over a certain amount. 


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